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NEW par 3 course OPEN

Write up by Paul McKay PGA Coach

When I first found out that Broadlees Golf were adding a Par 3 course to their offerings I was over the moon. When I was told, however, that it would be artificial grass I was very sceptical: I’ve tried a few artificial greens over the years and have been less than impressed. I am delighted to report that in this case my preconceptions were definitely proved wrong.

I had the opportunity to try them not long after the first of the greens were laid, and I was very pleasantly surprised. I played some chip and pitch shots from the rough and loved how they played. This year I was able to try the complete course out for real and I was even more impressed. Hitting full shots onto the greens is an absolute joy.

The holes measure from 85 to 138 yards which will test your short approach play. The greens react like a firm links green and a poor tee shot will not hold the green, but a well-struck shot will. Chip and pitch shots will react with some check if hit correctly, and run out more if not. The greens play at a medium pace when putting.

Every hole will really test your short game. If you miss a green, there are some really testing shots to be had. Leaving it short at the second leaves you with a really tough shot up a steep slope. Go long on most of the holes and you find some awkward lies.

Over the last month I have been fortunate enough to take some of my coaching clients onto the Par 3 course, from scratch golfers to complete beginners. They have all been very complimentary on the course set up.

The Par 3 course at Broadlees is a great test for all golfers:. it’s a great place to learn how to play, and for the more experienced golfer it’s the perfect place to test your short game. Where it really shines however, is as a course for juniors - all the fun and challenge of a traditional course, but with a faster pace. Personally, I also think it is a great course for a family golf day out.

Insider Tips!

Hole 1- 97 Yards

Measuring only 98 yards and fairly flat but don’t let that fool you into thinking its an easy introduction to the course. This tricky opening hole has trouble at the back of the green, out of bounds left and water just right of the green. A solid first shot is needed to get you off to a good start.

Hole 2- 110 Yards

The second hole is a real test, the green is perched on top of a slope meaning a ball that gets and stays on the green (anywhere) should be considered a great shot. If your ball lands short you will have a tough approach shot from a very steep slope

Hole 3- 86 Yards

Hole 3 measures 86 yards and as it goes downhill even a poorly struck shot can find the green - but don’t go long as you will find some trouble.

Hole 4- 127 Yards

With water lurking right of the hole make sure you aim correctly and take enough club to reach the green.

Hole 5- 118 Yards

With water on the left level with the green, aim right of the flag to stay dry.

Hole 6- 85 Yards

The shortest hole on the course but definitely not easiest. This holes seems shorter than it looks so make sure you take enough club.

Hole 7- 138 Yards

The longest hole on the course and a real test. Anything short of the green will leave you a tough chip shot, and anything long can leave you a really awkward shot.

Hole 8- 120 Yards

The green feeds in from the left so best to aim to the left side of this green. Anything short right leaves another tough chip shot.

Hole 9- 91 Yards

Looks nice and easy but a small stream short of the green is waiting to catch your ball if you are not careful.

I hope to see you out there soon.

Paul McKay

PGA Golf Coach

Broadlees Golf


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